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Juliu Horvath, the Hungarian-born dancer of the New York City Ballet, fought against injuries and chronic pain for a long time. After a ruptured of his Achilles tendon, an injury that brought his dancing career to a sudden halt, he discovered yoga, and together with other stretching movements necessary for dancers, he gave birth to GYROTONIC® in the 1980s.

This unique method of exercise based on the basic principles of yoga, dance, tai chi and swimming, is practiced on an apparatus consisting of a wooden bench, a hoist mechanism, harness and pulleys. Although there are weights on the machine, everything is done smoothly, without strain. Sitting or lying down, a series of fluid movements are developed to loosen and tone. The gestures are graceful, based on circular breathing. The body moves in all planes of motion. The assortment of exercises is adapted to the abilities and objectives of each individual.
This is a method of exercise that will simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles and ligaments while the joints are mobilized.

GYROTONIC® improves fitness, range of motion, coordination and strengthens the body with the slight resistance of the pulley (Pulley Tower). The exercises offer complete freedom of movement, as the machine is fully adjustable to all body types and levels of athletes. Circular motions and spiral waves characterize the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM, that helps to increase the capacity of the spine, contributes to improve three-dimensional movement awareness, thereby ameliorate balance.

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