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After a period of serious health problems, I really needed to get back into shape.  A doctor advised me to try “pilates”, a method perfectly adapted to my needs and friends recommended me to try the “Studio Bodywork”. At first I had breathing difficulties and found the exercises very difficult. After 18 months of training, I am now in very good physical condition; I have regained an optimum muscle structure and a much better body control. My body is slimmer and I feel in very good shape. « Pilates » is now part of my day-to-day life and I could not do without it.  My friends were right to recommend me the “Studio Bodywork”, composed of a young, nice, professional and committed team.  I thank them for their patience and the help they have provided me.»
Dominique Chalude

After a fall I started to have an intense pain in my lower back itʼs at that time that I discovered the Pilates method at the Bodywork studio. After several month I started to feel less pain and a better awareness of my body and my posture, I also discovered my abdominal muscles!!! I recomend this  very profesional studio to everybody...»
Etienne Aujay, marketing director, 50 years

Itʼs been two years that I started training twice a week at the Bodywork studio, I always feel better after my Pilates class, I feel taller, more tonic and it has improved my general well being. I love my different teachers, all very passionate and dedicated to their students...»
Karen Kandiyoti , 36

« I had a very difficult pregancy, being an athlete all my life, after I gave birth I wanted to start training agian but more gently for my body. I discovered a totally new way of listeninf to my body, the variety of exercices are really amazing. My training programe was done with extreme care. Séverine always maintains the challenge , I recomend her clases to everybody...»
Blanche Barla, athlete, 42

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