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Developed in India in the course of several years. It aims at enlighten the individual in different areas: physical, psychological and spiritual. It does not focus on one specific realm, but it seeks to reunify them.
Yoga uses a combination of techniques: postures, breathing, concentration, and relaxation.
Yoga teaching method has been adapted to the culture and characteristics of Western society.

The posture is the basic technique of yoga. These body positions remain motionless and without force for some time. These postures mobilize muscles and joints and take deep action on the organs, nervous system and spine; they also develop the body in harmony and lightness. They contribute to maintaining the vitality as increasing the health. The postures must meet a combination of two apparently contradictory qualities: comfort and firmness. Therefore, the mastering of a posture is obtained by finding the right effort: it teaches action without tension.

Often, we only use part of our respiratory capacity and we are rarely aware of the act of breathing. The focus on the respiration during a yoga lesson helps to discover breathing patterns and can improve the breathing performance. Slow, deep and conscious breathing cleans the organism, energizes and revitalizes.

During practice, the consciousness of movement leads the mind. Yoga focuses on the pace and quality of the respiration. Thus, yoga can stop the wandering of the mind; it calms and teaches how to direct it. It improves concentration. It brings balance. It leads, through the enhanced presence of oneself, to serenity and inner calm.

Relaxation techniques (lying down, motionless with eyes closed) relax deep muscles, nervous system and psyche. Relaxation leads to letting go, total abandonment and listening of oneself. It unravels the tensions and recharges “the batteries”. Individuals can obtain and maintain a healthy, repairing and a drug-free sleep, finding calmness, enthusiasm and optimism.

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